A story behind Wildlife photographs snail enjoys a long game of leapfrog, woodpecker’s back as the flying creature, a snail going at 0.03 mph.

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A lion cub is photographed peeking from its mothers legs. Laura Romin and Larry Dalton from Utah, USA, spent days with the lioness and her three cubs in the Ndutu Conservation Area, Tanzania, before they got their perfect shot of the playful cub.



snail and leapfrog from Jakarta, Indonesia

A snail enjoys a long game of leapfrog as it takes eight minutes to calmly climb over a frog before reaching its destination. Photographer Lessy Sebastian, from Jakarta, Indonesia, captured this rare moment in his front garden.

Picture: Lessy Sebastian/Solent News

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A web-footed gecko licks its eyeball in the Namib desert of Namibia. The elusive reptile spends most of the day buried in the sand, and uses its long tongue to both clean its eyes of dust and drink the moisture which collects on its eyes when the morning mist rolls in from the sea.

Picture: Martin Harvey / Barcroft Media


woodpecker's back as the bird flies through the air


An astounding photograph has caught a weasel on a woodpecker’s back as the flying creature flies in the air. The wildlife photographer, Martin Le-May from Essex, said he ‘dreaded the most exceedingly terrible’ for the green feathered creature in the wake of hearing ‘upset cackling’ amid its battle with the warm blooded animal at Hornchurch Country Park. After Le-May find out how to capture the fantastic picture – which has turned into a hit on Twitter since it was taken – the animal figured out how to escape with its life.

Picture: Martin Le-May


Japanese tree frog

Harfian Herdi, saw a torpid Japanese tree frog hitching a ride on the world’s slowest ride, a snail going at 0.03 mph, in a lake in his back greenhouse in West Borneo, Indonesia.

Picture: Caters

young owl

A youthful owl (wild) protects amongst the bluebells in Micheldever Woods, Hampshire.

Picture: Victoria Jones/Solent News & Photo Agency



White lion kittens relax up to their mom at the zoological park of the eastern French city of Amneville.



cats in hats

Picture: AP


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Wildlife Photographer with a wild Robin called Robbie.

Picture: Richard Austin


World top 10 Guapiles pictures

Woodpecker Guapiles, in the province of Limon, Costa Rica.

Picture: EPA/Jeffrey Arguedas