See a Top 10 photos of the week defining Kingfisher catching a fish, a gentoo penguin, squirrel garden in Teddington, south west London, Swans at sunrise in Somerset, A stork chick rests under the wing and western Austrian village of Absam.

Top 10 Photos of the Week


Picture: Jacopo Rigotti/ HotSpot Media


top 10 photos of the week

A gentoo penguin swimming underwater at Melbourne Aquarium in Australia.

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world top 10 photos of the day

This is the minute a brazen ocean lion bounced out of the water and snatched the as of late got yellowtail angle as well as angler Dan Carlin at Mission Bay in San Diego. Nearby fisherman Carlin is as yet recuperating over three weeks after the episode. Carlin told AP that his wife, Trish, had recently instructed him to grin for the photograph on their 29-foot watercraft when he was pulled over the edge, crushed into the vessel’s side and afterward dragged in the range of 20 feet submerged before being discharged over after 15 seconds.

Picture: Trish Carlin via AP


world top 10 photos of the week

Swans at sunrise in Somerset.

Picture: iVistaphotography / Barcroft


stork chick rests pictures

A stork chick rests under the wing of its father at the animal park in Eekholt, Germany.



bird pictures

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top 10 flower pictures of the week

Picture: REUTERS


world top 10 photos of the day



Chimney swallows Hirundo rustica pictures

Barhoeft harbour, Germany.



Thunder storm and lightning  strikes pictures

Bolts of lightning strikes in the night sky, Singapore.

Picture: Xinhua News Agency / eyevine