“I love you.” “I know.”

The awesomeness of Lindsay and Jesse’s wedding is here! They were married at Sea Breeze Point in Disney and had their reception at Epcot’s Living Seas before ending their wedding day with an Epcot dessert party and fireworks show.

The bride and groom first met at Disney, but Jesse changed things up by proposing at Universal in front of Hogwarts (“Well, it’s not the right castle, but will you marry me?” AWWWW!)  As awesome as Universal is, it was of course back to Disney for the big day! Their wedding was everything it should be to reflect the two of them as a couple.  They had Tangled style lanterns at the ceremony to represent the first movie they watched together.  The Star Wars box set was one of the first gifts they exchanged so that was part of their cake and their toasting glasses.  One of their close friends officiated the ceremony (with Minnie ears on!) to make the event more personal and intimate.  Their personalities and the story of their relationship was woven into all the details of the day! 

We are so happy to have shared in Lindsay and Jesse’s wedding day.  They are so much fun, and they did such a great job putting together an amazing day.  I have to warn you though Lindsay – the Etsy impulse buys don’t stop just because the wedding is over ;p  Congratulations newlyweds!

Sea Breeze Point at Disney’s Boardwalk
Epcot Living Seas
Nikki Wilson, All Dolled Up
Trinity Wedding Cinema (so great working with them again too!)