A kiss of lion, a Sphynx cat and a city made of coins.


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A lion mentor has her face washed by a lion amid the taping of ‘Stars and Starlets’ at the National Circus in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev

Picture: REUTERS/Gleb Garanich


top 10 photos of the day

A couple of reproducing house sparrows set up their home in a working activity light on New York’s Upper Eastside in Manhattan. Neighborhood occupants are trusting that the home won’t be evacuated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) until the chicks hatch.

Picture: Pacific Coast News/ Barcroft Media


Top 10 photos of the day

This fox whelp seems as though its fallen head over heels however it is indeed rehearsing pivotal chasing abilities. The litter mates hopped and arrived all alone envisioned focuses as they working on jumping on pretend prey.

Picture: Vlad Kamenski/Solent News


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An ocean sea lion pup has been discovered lying alongside an auto on a San Francisco road. Feature from The Marine Mammal Center in adjacent Sausalito demonstrates the male ocean lion nicknamed Rubbish covering up under an auto and waddling far from rescuers. They in the end got a net around the pup, moved it into a carton and took it to the middle.

Picture: Adam Ratner/The Marine Mammal Center via AP


city made of coins

A man has constructed a smaller than usual model of the place where he grew up of Chongqing in China utilizing only coins. He Peixi, 32, spent a month assembling the smaller than expected of Chongqing with more than 50,000 old and advanced coins from home and abroad. He said he spent in regards to two hours consistently amid the month stacking up coins one by one to build milestone structures and scaffolds.

Picture: Imaginechina/REX Shutterstock


top 10 animals photos of the day

Jaguar cubs in Russia’s Leningrad Zoo.

Picture: Alamy


protest placard pictures 2015

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aerial view nepal earthquake pictures

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Daring surfers from around the globe come to ride the nippy Atlantic swell of Unstad shoreline in the Lofoten Islands in Norland, Norway. Surfing in the Lofoten Islands began in the mid 60’s and the water temperature ranges between icy 5°C in the winter and refreshing 11°C in the late spring.

Picture: OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images


Sphynx cat Pictures

Picture: AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda