Thirsty Monkey to Wing suited skydiver photos of the week April 18

Kingfishers Fight, harvest mouse Corwen,
Wingsuited skydiver Yorick Bleijenberg, A male polar bear cub
Kingfishers and birds fb cover photos

Kingfishers get in a flap as they fight in Jiujiang, Jiangxi province, China.
Picture: Ping Yan/REX

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Latest monkey Punjab, India

A thirsty monkey attempts to open a tap on a water tank in Punjab, India
Picture: Ajay Verma / Barcroft India


45 ton humpback  pictures

A 45 ton humpback whale has been freed after being tangled in heavy fishing line for a whole week. Using a knife attached to a pole, a rescue team was able to cut away several hundred feet of line from its tail. The 45ft whale was first spotted off the coast of Hamakua, Hawaii, but rescue operations was delayed due to poor weather and sea conditions. The NOAA Fisheries Science Center, Hawaiian Islands Humpback National Marine Sanctuary and the West Hawaii Marine Mammal Response Network coordinated the rescue operation, which took seven hours. Best photos of the week.
Picture: NOAA MMHSP / Barcroft USA


Kjerag mountain, in Rogaland, Norway pictures 2015

Don’t look down! A group of friends pose at the top of a boulder wedged in a mountain crevice – more than 3,000ft (914m) above sea level. The five-cubic-metre rock provides an impressive setting for those brave enough to venture out into the middle of the boulder. Despite the rain making its surface slippery the group risked making their way onto the rock, which has a direct drop of 790ft. The boulder, Kjeragbolten, is located on the edge of the Kjerag mountain, in Rogaland, Norway.
Picture: Ronny Randen/Solent News


Wingsuited skydiver Yorick Bleijenberg pictures 2015

Wingsuited skydiver Yorick Bleijenberg deploys his parachute while ‘flying’ with friends over Teuge, Netherlands


polar bear cub rostock zoo in germany

A male polar bear cub plays with its mother Vilma in their outdoor enclosure at Rostock Zoo in Germany. The three and a half month old polar bear cub will be named on March 31.
Picture: AP Photo/dpa, Bernd Wuestneck

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harvest mouse  Corwen, north Wales

A harvest mouse climbs a reed near Corwen, north Wales
Picture: Richard Bowler/REX