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Sony World Photography Awards winners hit the picture of These flame lines I have drawn with a pyrograph show where the front of the quickly vanishing Lewis Glacier on Mt Kenya was at different times in the later past. Out yonder, a harvest moon lights the destined ice sheet leftover; the crevice between the flame and ice speaks to the tenacious softening. I have made a stratified history of the ice sheet’s retreat. This fire line demonstrates the ice sheet’s area in 1963.


Nineteen-year-old understudy Yong Lin Tan from Malaysia was recompensed the Youth Photographer of the Year title. Open to photographic artists matured 19 and under and judged on a solitary shot, the environmental winning picture was taken in the back rear way of the picture taker’s grandma’s home in Kedah, Malaysia. It was browsed the three Youth class victors who were reported on 31 March. 6,675 sections were gotten to the Youth rivalry altogether.

Picture: Yong Lin Tan

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Mg Ko, 20 years of age, a Shan rancher with his bovine in Lui Pan Sone town, Kayah state, Myanmar. Only 26% of the nation’s populace, in any event a large portion of whom live in urban communities, have admittance to the electrical matrix. Little, economical photovoltaic force frameworks furnish families with 12 hours of light overnight. These pictures delineate the lives of tenants of remote ranges of Myanmar who, surprisingly, have admittance to power through sunlight based force.

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A young lady tweets amid her prom, from the arrangement Prom Night, by Aristide Economopoulos, USA.

Fan Li, China

In the profundities of the Great Liangshan mountains in southwest Sichuan territory, which has in reverse monetary advancement, the ethnic Yi individuals are carrying on an independent cultivating lifestyle – one of the best saved among ethnic minorities in western China by Fan Li, China