While levitation photography is nothing but the same old thing new, Taiwanese-French-American picture taker Mickael Jou’s representations toward oneself of himself jumping through the air are particularly rich deeds of development and effortlessness. For as long as three years, the Berlin-based innovative has united his two interests photography and move by catching staggering pictures he could call his own deft movements solidified in time.

Like Japanese picture taker Natsumi Hayashi, Jou infuses a feeling of marvel into ordinary settings like the market or an occupied road crossing point. As scenes of day by day life unfold around him, Jou executes immaculate jumps and pirouettes that issue him the presence of flying.

As a prepared lover of the dance floor, Jou used to spontaneously blast into performance and cutting edge move schedules in the city of Paris, where visitors would regularly photo and film him. This issued him the thought of catching pictures of himself, thus he purchased a cam and basically read the direction manual. From that point forward, Jou has been chipping away at a 365 Days photograph venture reporting his own liquid, gravity-opposing move moves in astounding previews.

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