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World Top 10 Wildlife Photographs of the Week

cats in hats

A story behind Wildlife photographs snail enjoys a long game of leapfrog, woodpecker’s back as the flying creature, a snail going at 0.03 mph. A lion cub is photographed peeking from its mothers legs. Laura Romin and Larry Dalton from Utah, USA, spent days with the lioness and her three cubs ...

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Meet The World’s Angry Cat Moggy

angry cat pictures

Meet The World’s angry Cat moggy. Garfi, the nine-year-old Persian, looks like he is staring into your soul and doesn’t like what he sees. “Contrary to his evil expression, Garfi is a wonderful cat,” says owner Hulya Ozkok, 46, from Istanbul, Turkey. “But he has his own rules. If you ...

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Gyongyos Zoo to Royev Ruchey zoo in Russia

polar bear best facebook cover photos

Gyongyos Zoo to Royev Ruchey zoo in Russia. Lion cubs cuddle in the Gyongyos Zoo in Hungary. The one male and two female cubs were born on 12 March 2015. Picture: EPA/Peter Komka   A playful squirrel has been photographed playing with an old turtle shell by carpenter Geert Weggen ...

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