Bird Kingfisher Pictures to gosling mother’s wings

Bird Kingfisher Pictures

A hungry kingfisher emerges from the water with a mouth full of trout. Pierangelo Spedini took the photo on the banks of the River Sile in Treviso, Italy.

Picture: Pierangelo Spedini/HotSpot Media

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Leningradsky Zoo in Saint Petersburg

A lion and a lioness animal pictures interact with each other in a cage at the Leningradsky Zoo in Saint Petersburg a

Picture: OLGA MALTSEVA/AFP/Getty Images


gosling  mother's wings in Santa Clara, California

A gosling peers out from beneath its mother’s wings in Santa Clara, California.

Picture: AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez


clouded leopard cubs

A pair of 1-month-old baby clouded leopard cubs are presented to the media by zoo keepers at the Olmense Zoo in Olmen, Belgium.

Picture: REUTERS/Yves Herman


This Russell's viper snake

This Russell’s viper snake takes advantage of the rain in Sri Lanka.

Picture: Rex